How to prepare for the rally

In order for you to have the best possible experience while working in the woods, we recommend being prepared with the following:

  • Cooler with food & non-alcoholic drinks
  • Trash bags
  • Weather appropriate clothing
    • In years past, rally weekends have been anywhere from hot, cool, rainy, sunny, cloudy, buggy, and muggy!  It’s best to be prepared!
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Lawn chairs
  • Umbrellas, rain coats, waterproof canopy/tent
  • Toilet & tissue papers
  • Flashlights & extra batteries
  • Reading material or games for when there is downtime
  • Markers & ballpoint pens
  • Clip board with light
  • Radio scanner, so you can listen to Net Control
  • FRS radio
  • Camera, extra batteries, charging cords
  • Gas!
    • Fill your vehicle before entering the woods!