Safety at the rally spectator points is all-important!  For those who have never spectated at a rally before, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Remember that the cars are at their limit.  A mechanical or driver error may cause it to go out of control.
  • Follow the Marshals’ directions at each spectator point.  While spectating is free, we do have control over the rally course areas.
  • Stay behind the official yellow banner tape at all times.
  • DO NOT spectate at a location that does not have a Marshal and official yellow banner tape.  You should be in sight of a Marshal while cars are on the course.  Spectators in unauthorized areas WILL cause the rally to stop.
  • Pick your vantage point carefully.  High on a hill or behind the tree line is best.  Rally Drivers are at the limits of control and they make creative use of the whole road.  Leave yourself an escape route.  Again, listen to the Marshals as they know the safe locations.  Remember, you must remain behind the yellow banner tape at all times.
  • Be wary and alert at all times – particularly during daylight spectator points.  Be ready to move if a car is out of control – do not sit down.  DO NOT turn your back to rally traffic.  Also, some cars will catch others on stage and their sound will be masked by the car in front of them.
  • Please follow the Marshals’ directions when parking your car at the spectator areas.  We must keep a clear access on one side of these narrow roads for emergency vehicles. All cars should park on the same side of the road and be heading in the proper direction to leave the area.  When you get to the end of the line of parked cars, please park.  You won’t be able to park or turn around to drive back out.

If you have any questions about spectating safety, please contact us.